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ROVer Robot: Powering Up the Relay Board

I’m trying to focus on small bits at a time (pun intended) as I think that I previously tried to do too much, too soon, without really sorting out the fundamentals.

So… I’ve disconnected a bunch of stuff, like the motor controllers (specifically) to focus on the relays/switches that are to be managed via the shiftout module that is wired to the Arduino Uno.

ROVer Robot: Motor Controllers, Relays (switches) and Shift Out Boards…

So I thought I would take a break with the overview/intro stuff and get back to the problem at hand, which is that I want to get the motors turning again.

One of the big milestones that I had reached prior to boxing-up ROVer was to have the wheels turning and ROVer rolling, which is to where I’d like to get back. So… I’ve been tracking down how I had done all that and found that the relay/switch that I had incorporated into the design (for future capabilities) is complicating this, otherwise somehow simple, task…

ROVer Robot: Electronics Layout Overview

I wanted to give everyone a lay of the land, so to speak. It’s also been a refresher for me, as well, given that I’m quite rusty getting back into this project.

I’ll get into the problem-at-hand in the next video, but it’s also tied to understanding how I planned and wired everything. It’s sort of a process of deconstructing what I had done a couple of years ago to understand how to best go forward from here.

ROVer Robot: GoPro Video Tangent

I’ve been thinking a lot about what camera solution I want to incorporate for ROVer that would be flexible for the variety of applications that I hope to include…

…key among these is the ability to stream video and/or time lapse imagery from the ROVer both outdoors as well as within the local area network of my home. GoPro would be a very cool solution!

Introducing ROVer the Robot …and me.

ROVer has been a project that I started about 3 years ago (back in 2014, I guess) and sat untouched for about 2 years of that …life got in the way it seems.

I finally got the nerve to crack open the storage boxes and resume the project and my recent enjoyment of YouTube videos inspired me to share my adventure with all of you.

I’m no expert …probably the very polar opposite… so I welcome all questions, comments, suggestions, ridicule, etc… I’ve only got ROVer this far with the help of many, many people on the WWW who are much smarter than I am, so one hope in doing these videos is to attract more of you smarties to help me figure some of this stuff out!