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ROVer Robot: The TURBO CHARGER Works! …sort of. We also do a 1st Test of ROVer’s 5x Proximity Sensor Array.

What a relief. DFRobot replied and, while they didn’t quite address my issue, they did provide me with a confirmation that the nob on the DC-DC Step-Up Converter (aka ROVer’s Turbo Charger) should be turned counter-clockwise, so we give it another go… …and, success!

We’re now getting an output voltage higher than the input voltage (12v) so it’s just a matter of tweaking our settings to get the desired 24v at which we want to run ROVer’s primary motors.

Also… 5 Distance Sensors are now mounted on ROVer’s chassis.

ROVer Robot: Turbo Charger FAIL… not enough power captain! We do Mount the new IR Sensors though :)

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get ROVer’s shinny new Turbo Charger (aka DC Step-UP Power Converter) to work.

I’m 99% sure that I got the wiring correct, even with my added complications of wiring via the Relay controller board, but I couldn’t get the converter to deliver anything more than the 12 volts that I as putting into it. I’ve reached out to the makers of the board, DFRobot, and hopefully someone will have some advice for me… I hope it’s not defective, though. I did see another comment on their store/website of another user experiencing the very same result. We’ll see, I guess.

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ROVer Robot: Turbo Charging ROVer + An Autonomous Programming Update

ROVer has been kicking my butt the past few days… hence the lack of video episode yesterday 🙁

I’m really struggling with the implementation that I dreamed-up. In today’s episode I do my best to give you folks a glimpse into what those challenges are as well as what the end result will permit ROVer to do once I actually figure out how to do it… which may be a while at this rate :p

ROVer Robot: Programming for Semi-Autonomous Operation. Building Logic for Future Capabilities

It’s a big programming episode today. If ROVer is to be autonomous, even semi-autonomous, he needs a big upgrade to his code/logic to support that, and that’s what we’re giving him today.

It started with a big upgrade to his Relay Manager – the board through which we run various wires from other boards so that we can programmatically turn on and off various components within ROVer’s design to conserve power. This now also gives us the ability to evaluate what is on and off at any give time while previously, with the simpler implementation that I had, it was a bit of a flying-blind situation.

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ROVer Robot: ROVer Drives into a Wall as we Test Servo-Turn & Drive Commands down my Hallway.

Yup, still lots of stuff to learn before ROVer looks like he knows what he’s doing. …well, I guess the blame doesn’t exactly fall on ROVer since he did, in fact, execute all our commands correctly. That counts as a success, right?

Today was a big day… it may not seem like it, but it was the first big test of his drive and turn commands as we try and navigate my hallway. This proved difficult for a few reasons.