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ROVer Robot: ROVer Begins Reporting his Autonomous Actions to the Web Server & Command Center

It’s a bit of a shorter episode today and not sure if you folks will find this as exciting as ROVer and I do, but…

ROVer has started to report back on his Autonomous Actions – he’s now logging those actions to the Command Center. When you consider what Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous control means, this is big news. Thus far, most of what we’ve done with ROVer has been sending individual commands (or programs = series of commands) and then watching ROVer execute those. We did log those commands on the web server, which is from were ROVer retrieves (aka “fetches”) them, but the communication has really been one-way only… us to ROVer.

That’s no more!

ROVer Robot: Tweaking ROVer’s Turn Maneuvers and… a Plead for HELP from ROVer!

I never thought turning could be so complicated!

…I’m probably just not bright enough (at the moment, at least), but I’ve managed to totally confuse myself with some of the turn commands – adjusting the angle of the wheels (via the servos) to enable ROVer to turn is really not as straight forward as picking 45° as the angle and hitting drive! Go figure…

ROVer Robot: ROVer Makes a Break for the Front Door after an Unsuccessful Attempt at his 1st Field Trip

I had hoped, and made a valiant effort, to get ROVer out on his first field trip this weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be… just a few too many bugs crept up that were going to take too long to address and he had to remain home. …I did, however, take his brain with me… …hmm, that sounds weird.

By taking the Android tablet (Nexus 7) with me, I could at least address a few of the nagging bugs that were starting to get on my nerves – you may have seen the episode where ROVer wouldn’t stop saying “Hello YouTube”, for example, which was caused by his “Face” (aka minion) activity being started repeatedly. Well, I’m thrilled to say that bug has, apparently, been squashed now… yay!

ROVer Robot: Live Camera Feed Upgrade for the Command Center + A Special Invitation to ROVer Operators

It’s a big new upgrade for the Command Center – we now have a live camera feed from ROVer’s Android Tablet “brain” camera – we can see, remotely, what he’s seeing.

This, of course, not only has some fun applications as ROVer prepares for his first foray to the world beyond his tiny condo, but it’s got greater and more significant implications for his ability to be remotely control… and that’s the whole point, right!?

Also, ROVer has got an exciting invitation for others interested in operating ROVer or, even better, leveraging some of what we’ve done on ROVer for their own projects and builds.

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ROVer Robot: Chassis Examination – The Lower Leg Assembly Overview

A special thanks to ROVer’s YouTube subscriber for suggesting this episode where we take a closer look at ROVer’s chassis construction – specifically, his lower leg assembly.

A lot of time and effort …and a lot of trial and error… went into the current design and I say current because everything is constantly in flux and I already have ideas for how to improve on the design whether for mechanical or aesthetic reasons… but it’s fun to play.