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ROVer Robot D88: Dynamic Sensor Responses from ROVer’s New Autonomous Programming

Boy did I battle some monster bugs to get this to all work, reliably, but we got there!

ROVer is now able to respond to his sensors depending on what his happening around him – respond differently depending on how his mission, per se, may change and adapt to his environment. ROVer’s Arduino, Android and Command Center (web server in the cloud) have all undergone some big-time upgrades to make this happen and any time that I go so deep into the code, I end up breaking a whole lot… it took forever to fix what I broke, but it works.

We’re now able to create Programs that incorporate responses to various events that ROVer will relay to the Command Center. For example, we can now have ROVer respond differently to an obstacle at his forward-left sensor depending on whether we were having him drive forward or whether he was executing a turn, etc… that sort of flexibility will mean a huge amount of capability later.

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