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ROVer Robot D94: Ultrasonic Sensors Don’t Like Angles & Cyber Monday Haul Un-Boxing!

Yesterday was ugly… I started the day out with the intention of modifying ROVer’s sensor-enhanced navigation and learned that his Ultrasonic Sensors weren’t operating properly… it took all-day to figure out, which is why there was no episode/update 🙁

I turned out that it was a baud rate-conflict of some sort that was throwing off the Ultrasonic sensors only …and.. on top of that… only at very close distances to the obstacle. They were still working, just not working well, which is why I didn’t notice until just then… when I needed them to work very well.

…of course, once I got past that… it got more complicated…

I then learned, which I should have already known, that ultrasonic sensors don’t like angles; they like their obstacles straight in-front, pretty please. So, my intention of using those front-left & right sensors to identify angled obstacles, wasn’t going to work with ROVer’s current chassis setup. Some un-screwing in my future, apparently.

A bit of fun, though, we do an un-boxing of ROVer’s Cyber Monday haul. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff that I’m sure that I will want for ROVer over the months (maybe year) ahead – taking advantage of the deep discounts offered by the holiday. It’ll be fun to reveal what I’ve got planned for ROVer in the many episodes to come! 🙂

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