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ROVer Robot: I Blew Up the Arduino MEGA ADK board… but there’s some good news too!

I really should have known better. Actually, I literally did know better; I did a video on it a few weeks back, but I was somehow distracted or otherwise excited at the prospect of getting ROVer on to his tires today and I connected the batteries to the UNO, rather than the MEGA ADK board.

You may recall that ROVer is wired such that the Arduino MEGA is the primary (controller/master) board and the UNO is the so-called slave. Consequently, the power from the batteries should come to the MEGA first and then be shared through to the UNO. When I got it backwards today, I was informed how wrong that was with a loud POP! …I literally saw smoke emanating from ROVer. I very quickly pulled all the plugs, but it was too late.

The UNO board still functions… I tested it thoroughly, but the ADK board is shot. I’ve placed an order for a replacement, but unfortunately it means that I’ve got to work on other stuff in the meantime and ROVer must, yet again, wait patiently on me before he can take his “first steps”.

I do have other exciting news though…

I’ve got a great update for ROVer’s Android ‘brain’ app that will save hime some battery power while still preserving all the features that we’ve discussed perviously by using a Service for the Camera2 functionality, rather than it running as an activity with a preview texture. Also… some unboxing from 2 years ago for the Solar Panel installation on ROVer! :O

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