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ROVer Robot: ROVer gets Remote Speech + Planning Black Friday & Cyber Monday Robot Shopping

I’ve been a little bit anxious about the upcoming US holiday, Thanksgiving, because it means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is around the corner and it represents a perfect opportunity to buy some new Robot parts for ROVer… but it also means that I have to actually sit down and figure out what, exactly, I want to buy…

It’s both a joy and a stressful event as I don’t think that I’ve ever got any of my previous orders correct… meaning that I either always have forgotten to purchase something that I end-up needing or I purchase something that never gets used. On top of all that, except for the replacement Arduino MEGA ADK board that I had to buy after frying it, this is the first order since the ROVer-revival project started.

Also… ROVer gets a new ability!

We’re now able to send speech commands from the command centre (web server) in the cloud. It was a perfect highlight for today’s episode as we get to see/hear ROVer wish American subscribers, viewers and followers a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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