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ROVer Robot: Synchronizing Wheels & ROVer…with his Cloud Server. + Invite to Build Your OWN ROVer

Today isn’t a particular sexy 1sts day, like yesterday, but we did get some important items checked-off the to-do list.

First, we FINALLY got ROVer’s four motors synchronized using the PID coefficients used by the RoboClaw motor controllers. This is something that I’ve struggled with – to almost an embarrassing extent. I used to be good at math, or at least I thought I was, but this PID-stuff seemed to mystify me.

But… we’ve got new tips to try…

Fortunately, I got some good advice from the folks behind the RoboClaws and they pointed me in the right direction. The result: we’ve got ROVer’s four wheels just-about turning at the same rate. That should help him stay on the straight and narrow, as they say ;p

Also, we’ve got ROVer’s server optimized for quicker pull-downs from the cloud. I noticed that after a heavy day of testing his ability to fetch new commands every 2-seconds was somehow hampered by the size of the daily log file, where the new commands were also appended. Now, however, we’ve split up the Pending Commands from the perviously executed commands and placed the latter into an archive. This leaves the Pending file nice and light and makes for quicker updates. Yay!

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