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ROVer Robot: Turbo Charger Tests and ROVer Executes his First Autonomous Commands!

It’s a day of firsts 🙂

We’ve got ROVer’s shinny new 24v Turbo Charger all wired-up and ready to go as well as a bunch of the Autonomous Programming that I’ve been working on over the past few days. It’s been a whole 3 days without a video update (my apologies!), but there’s just been so much debugging to do that I didn’t think you guys would be all that interested :p

Fortunately, SOME of the bugs have been squashed and we’re ready to try out ROVer’s new hardware & software.

On the hardware front we’ve got the new 24 volt “turbo charger” connected-up with the Relay board such that we can flip power on and off between 12v and 24v depending on the situation. This took much more ‘doing’ than I expected as the older RoboClaws (2x5a) that I’m using (purchased 2 years ago, of course) aren’t able to run natively at 24v …or at least it’s not recommended. That being said, running the logic board via it’s own, dedicated, regulated 5v source has power-saving advantages anyway, so it all works out in the ned.

On the software front we’ve got loads of updates with new dynamic Programming available, which we use to create a “spin” servo program and then we have dynamically-assignable events and actions that ROVer checks agains when he pings the Command Center (aka Cloud Server) every few seconds. When a pre-defined event occurs, ROVer checks to see what actions are available for that event and then executes …autonomously! 🙂

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